Radio Station Advertising – Kelowna, Vernon, Penticton.

Top of mind branding is considered one of the most effective methods for brand recognition in both new and traditional marketing systems.

Radio advertising remains one of most effective delivery methods from both a budget & delivery standpoint ~ while streaming music platforms such as Spotify, Pandora are inching towards complete & utter industry domination they’re still a ways off; especially when it comes to advertising platforms for Canadian markets.

Thanks to the overwhelming popularity of our beautiful Valley ~ Kelowna has more than it’s fair share of radio stations which easily encompass the complete range of demographics from tweens to 65+ & geographics throughout Kelowna, Vernon, Penticton & surrounds areas.

Each year we review the local station’s & develop an outline for our clients which allows us to ensure they’re specific targets & goals are continually aligned with their specific demographics & markets in radio.

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Fall 2017 – Universe: 185,840
Station Market Share % Ctrl Reach (000) FC Reach (000) Median Demo Majority Age
CBTKFM (CBC) Kelowna Ctrl 17.4 46.5 157.3 No Ads No Ads
CHSUFM (99.9 Sun FM) Kelowna Ctrl 7.2 32.0 36.0 67% ~ < 44 43% M – 57% F
CIGVFM(100.7 Country) Kelowna/Penticton *15.0 33.5 54.7 37% M – 63% F 25-65+
CILKF+ (EZ Rock 101.5) Kelowna Ctrl 12.8 32.8 36.8 36% M – 64% F 30% ~ 65+
CJUIFM (103.9) Kelowna Ctrl Sold Sold Sold Sold Sold
CKFR (AM 1150) Kelowna Ctrl 8.3 22.5 23.6 51% M – 49% F 62% ~ 65+
CKKOFM (96.3 Classic Rock) Kelowna Ctrl 7.6 23.5 29.5 62% M – 38% F 35-64
CKLZFM (Power 104.7) Kelowna Ctrl 13.4 26.8 29.6 N/A N/A
CKQQFM (103.1 Beach) Kelowna Ctrl 3.4 18.5 22.3 N/A N/A


Source: Numeris

Central (Ctrl) Market Area – A Numeris defined geographical area, usually centred around one urban centre. The
definition of a Central Market Area generally corresponds to Statistics Canada Census Metropolitan Areas,
Census Agglomeration, Cities, Counties, Census Divisions or Regional Districts.

Universe – Estimated Population of the Central Market Area.
Fall 2017

Share – Within the central market area, the estimated total hours tuned to that station expressed as a percentage
of total hours tuned to all radio.

Central (Ctrl) Reach – The estimated number of different people, within the central market area, who tuned to
that station for at least one quarter hour during the week.

Full Coverage (FC) Reach – The estimated number of different people, anywhere in Canada, who tuned to that
station for at least one quarter hour during the week.


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